Sealey 14 Drawer Tool Chest Combination - Red & 1179pc Kit

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Brand Sealey
OEM References N/A
Product Code AAAvDGRfvkDG7UAvkdMH59xJ4wcNxJ5dZZ
Product Number: 229454
Quantity Included: 1 - Sold Individually
Extra Info: Tool Chest specification as per page XXX. This modular tool kit offers a comprehensive range of tools that are organised and easily accessible. There are three spare drawers allowing you to store other tools not included in the trays. Tool Chest Model Nos AP26059T, AP26029T and AP26479T. Includes Tool Tray Model Nos: TBT01, TBT02, TBT03, TBT04, TBT05, TBT06, TBT07, TBT08, TBT09, TBT11, TBT12, TBT13, TBT14, TBT15, TBT16, TBT17, TBT18, TBT19, TBT23, TBT24, TBT26, TBT29, TBT30, TBT31, TBT32, TBTB (x2). For full details of tool tray content please see pages XXX to XXX.

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