Sealey Barrel Bund Polyethylene 1300 x 750 440mm 2 Drum

Sealey Barrel Bund Polyethylene 1300 x 750 440mm 2 Drum

Sealey Barrel Bund Polyethylene 1300 x 750 440mm 2 Drum

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Brand Sealey
EAN/UPC 5051747513143
OEM References SEALEY: DRP17
Product Code AAAvDGRfvkDG7Uxbu9kd5dtbZZ
Product Number: 219368
Quantity Included: 1 - Sold Individually
Group: Lubrication
Key Points: ARE YOU COMPLIANT?The final stages of The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001, came into effect on 1st September 2005.Anyone storing oil in containers greater than 200ltr are affected by the regulations.Any tank, container or drum must be bunded.The bund must have a capacity of not less than 110% of the largest or 25% of their total aggregate storage capacity, whichever is the greater.

The DRP17 Barrel Bund complies with these new regulations.

Manufactured from high density polyethylene, suitable for use with 205ltr drums, Making the bunds ideal for storing aggressive chemicals.

Suitable for storing 2 x 205ltr drums.

Feature 250ltr spill tray, compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks.

Lightweight for easy transportation and positioning, yet still strong and durable.
Extra Information: 2 Drum Polyethylene 1300 x 750 x 440mm Barrel Bund
Old Sealey Part No. 15952

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