Farecla G6 Rapid Advanced Dry Liquid Bottle 1L

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With enthusiasts becoming more indulged in cleaning on a daily basis, product specifications have been revamped severely over the years.

Car owners are as individualistic as the vehicles they drive. When you consider that a car is often the second largest investment, next to a home, the significance of good maintenance is not surprising.

Farécla Products Limited is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of surface finishing solutions to a variety of markets worldwide.

Today Farécla is proud to export our products to over 120 countries, encompassing all 5 continents.

More Information
Brand Farecla
EAN/UPC 884127452405
OEM References N/A
Product Code AACSRfu9DG59vkRfRf5PV4NE5dV4R6R66cV4ZZ
Product Number: 80246
Quantity Included: 1 Litre
Info: Fast finish: a rapid system which achieves a high gloss finish
Info: Permanent: contains no fillers; giving permanent scratch removal with no comebacks
Info: Dry use: no need to use water; creating less mess and making the process more environmentally friendly
Info: Versatile: can be used on all modern paint systems
Info: Silicone free: can be used in body shops

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