Granville Diamond 0W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Litre

Granville Diamond 0W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Litre

Granville Diamond 0W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Litre

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Engines are made up of various complex moving components which require lubricating in order for them to function properly.

Think of engine oil as the life blood of your vehicle, in that without this special liquid the moving parts mentioned would begin to wear at an increased rate as well as a build up of dirt and sludge to occur.

Granville oils are specifically designed to counteract these problems, reducing build up as well as increasing maneuverability allowing for superior lubrication.

Granville has been in existence for over 50 years - originally based in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, the Company at that time was better known only for its winter products such as screenwash and antifreeze.

Since then granville has expanded it's range in manufacturing both lubricants and a full range of automotive coatings.

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More Information
Brand Granville
EAN/UPC 5020618000822
OEM References N/A
Product Code AA5Pu9Rfc6R6R6wzZxRfZZ
Product Number: 153788
Quantity Included: 1 Litre
Oil Viscosity: 0W40
Type Of Oil: Fully Synthetic
What We Love: Amazing protection for the price conscious customer

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