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Wheel Bolts, Caps, Hubs & Nuts

A wheel bolt is a solid threaded rod typically mounted into a wheel hub. The primary purpose of wheel bolts is to support wheels on vehicles, but also they can be useful in preventing wheel theft. If you've taken wheels on and off repeatedly then it's possible the threads on your wheel bolts may have become worn or damaged. Either they may prove difficult to remove or they may even work themselves loose over time. Once your wheel is in place you secure it to the hub wheel bolts with wheel nuts. There's actually far more to wheel nuts than meets the eye, as they come in various types and styles. At we stock a wide range of quality wheel bolts, caps, hubs and nuts for all types of cars and vans, so we're 99.9% sure we will have the wheel bolt, cap, hub or nut you require. Be sure to order online with Aceparts for a hassle free, money saving experience.A

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