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Belt tensioners are designed to help prevent a belt from becoming too tight or too slack. Usually in the design of a pulley the tensioner continues the cycle with the belt adjusting to the correct tension. When fitting a tensioner you are often required to manually adjust, however in newer vehicles they are designed with springs installed to automatically adjust when tension changes. To prevent damage to the belt they should be replaced as soon as wear and tear is noticeable. Like the timing belt, a timing chain controls the engines valve timing. It works by connecting the crankshaft and camshaft together so they work in sync with one another. Usual signs of wear in your timing chain can cause a rattling noise, and potentially cause severe damage where the timing of the opening and closing of the valves is not in time. It is recommended that they are replaced at the intervals suggested by your manufacturer. At we stock a wide range of quality belts, chains & tensioners for all types of cars and vans, so we're 99.9% sure we will have the belts, chains & tensioners you require. Be sure to order online with Aceparts for a hassle free, money saving experience.

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