Heater Cores

A vehicle is needed in order to search for parts.A vehicle is needed in order to search for parts.A vehicle is needed in order to search for parts.
With a similar design to a vehicles radiator, a heater core (heater matrix) is designed to be installed inside the vehicles cabin. Often found under the dashboard it allows hot coolant to run from the vehicles engine into the cabin. This is often a useful item on a cold winter morning, when you require some heat to demist the windows. The heat given off from the heater core is then blown via a fan system we control on the dashboard. A leaking heater matrix often leaks straight onto the interior carpet, so if you feel a wet carpet or the vehicle constantly seems to mist up then we recommend checking this. The coolant often gives off a slight odour which helps aid in telling whether your matrix is leaking. We stock a variety of heating components for all makes and models of vehicle, stocking popular brands such as Nissens, Valeo, and ACP. At Aceparts.co.uk we stock a wide range of quality heater cores for all types of cars and vans, so we're 99.9% sure we will have the heater cores you require. Be sure to order online with Aceparts for a hassle free, money saving experience.

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