Tetrosyl EcoCar Wheel Cleaner 500ml Exterior Long Clean

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With enthusiasts becoming more indulged in cleaning on a daily basis, product specifications have been revamped severely over the years.

Car owners are as individualistic as the vehicles they drive. When you consider that a car is often the second largest investment, next to a home, the significance of good maintenance is not surprising.

A little regular care and attention will help minimise wear and tear on external and internal surfaces.

More Information
Brand Tetrosyl
EAN/UPC 5010373040126
OEM References N/A
Product Code AAMHDGMHu9xJAv7UvkDG59z8QgR6R6ZZ
Product Number: 426856
Quantity Included: 500ml
Info: EcoCar Wheel Cleaner contains natural alcohols derived from sugar beet or maize, powerful natural detergents, naturally derived biodegradable surfactants, and extracts of lime
Info: The formula is tough on brake dust, and safe for use on most types of wheels, including those with a chrome finish
Info: Eco friendly and long lasting
Info: 500ml

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