Kent Car Care 6 Piece Super Soft Microfibre Towel

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With enthusiasts becoming more indulged in cleaning on a daily basis, product specifications have been revamped severely over the years.

At the forefront of this, is Kent Car Care (KCC), leading the way since 1981.

Offering their services Worldwide, KCC are able to offer superb high quality cleaning products, at a very reasonable price.

More Information
Brand Kent Car Care
EAN/UPC 5013879266007
OEM References N/A
Product Code AA6c59599cV4V4R6R6ZZ
Product Number: 360527
Quantity Included: Pack Of 6
Info: Microfibre's attract and lift dirt whilst protecting surfaces
Info: Soft gentle and scratch-free
Info: Washable once dirty
Info: USE DRY - Each Microfibre Cloth uses static electricity to clean and polish glass, dash, instruments etc without using any chemicals
Info: USE DAMP (not wet) - To clean off stubborn marks leaving a streak free finish, again without chemicals
Info: Towel size - 300mm x 400mm
Info: Pack Of 6

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