Muc-Off Screen Kit Device Phones Spray & Microfibre Cloth

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With enthusiasts becoming more indulged in cleaning on a daily basis, product specifications have been revamped severely over the years.

Car owners are as individualistic as the vehicles they drive. When you consider that a car is often the second largest investment, next to a home, the significance of good maintenance is not surprising.

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Brand Muc-Off
EAN/UPC 5037835990003
OEM References N/A
Product Code AA4wW659xJCSCSp8p8R6RfZZ
Product Number: 389858
Quantity Included: 1 Kit
Info: Safe on all screen types
Info: Cleans complete device including keyboards
Info: Leaves a 'Streak Free' finish with zero residue
Info: High performance Anti-Static properties for improved clarity
Info: Quick acting anti bacterial formula kills 99.9% of all germs
Info: Ammonia and Alcohol free formula
Info: Formulated using de-ionised water
Info: Fully Biodegradable Formula
Info: 250ml refill available for cost effective renewal

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