Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube 500ml Exterior Enhancing

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Auto Finesse was founded for the sole purpose of taking automotive care to a new level.

Based in Hertfordshire they now offer a wide range of products and services, both from the car care products and to detailing services.

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Brand Auto Finesse
EAN/UPC 661799826631
OEM References N/A
Product Code AARfW6MHxJ5PvkxbQgR6R6ZZ
Product Number: 259994
Quantity Included: 500ml
Info: Auto Finesse Glide Clay Lube is a dedicated clay lubricant made to help aid the claying stage by reducing the risk of scratching or marring of your paintwork finish during this process
Info: For those who maybe clay just there own cars once or twice a year this is the ideal solution, a very slick solution to help prevent marring during the clay decontamination stage, and it smells like bubblegum
Info: 500ml

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