Auto Finesse Fine Clay Bar 200g Exterior Smooth Paint Polish

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Auto Finesse was founded for the sole purpose of taking automotive care to a new level.

Based in Hertfordshire they now offer a wide range of products and services, both from the car care products and to detailing services.

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Brand Auto Finesse
EAN/UPC 628586786004
OEM References N/A
Product Code AARfW6MHxJ59cNZxR6R6ZZ
Product Number: 259988
Quantity Included: 200g
Info: A big 200g bar of fine, soft clay that's easy to use and wont marr paintwork, it sounds to good to be true but that's just what we have to offer you here in the form of the Auto Finesse Clay bar fine, ideal for those new to clay bars and claying whilst t
Info: Clay Bar fine is perfect for all paint types, combined with our Glide clay lube you will be able to achieve a marr and scratch free smooth finish with ease
Info: This product will likely be one of the first in your detailing products
Info: 200g

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