Michelin Tyre Inflator To 50PSI LCD Screen BAR/PSI/kPa 3m Power Cord

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In the UK, the Michelin Tyre Company Ltd was incorporated on 11 May 1905 and is now, more than one hundred years later involved in many activities not just tyre making, from tyre industry training to economic development and publishing.

We are able to offer a range of Michelin Products, from Tyre Gauges & Keyrings, to Snow Chains & Axle Stands.

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Brand Michelin
EAN/UPC 5010555122596
OEM References Michelin: 12259
Product Code AA4wEQ596KDGvkEQc65dZxZxQgp8ZZ
Product Number: 180263
Quantity Included: 1 - Sold Individually
Info: 12v Tyre Inflator With Built-In Digital Pressure Gauge.
Info: Large readout LCD digital pressure gauge display, accurate to +/-1 (up to 50 psi). Displays reading in PSI, BAR and kPa.
Info: 50 cm high pressure air hose with screw-on valve connector and deflation feature.
Info: Pressure format set button.
Info: 3.0m (approx) power cord with fused 12v power plug.
Info: Inflates a standard tyre in under 5 minutes (based on 175 x R13 tyre size).
Info: Also suitable for inflating balls, toys, and other inflatable items.

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