Duracell Plug In Battery Charger With 2 x AA Batteries

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THE BIRTH OF A BRAND: It began in 1973, when the Bunny made his debut. He showed people around the world that Duracell batteries lasted much longer than ordinary and inexpensive zinc carbon batteries. The Bunny, powered by Duracell batteries, was able to outlast all others no matter the challenge, and continues to do so today.

For over 33 years, the Bunny has evolved to keep up with the times. His evolution, however, also runs parallel to the consistent improvements in the quality and power of Duracell batteries and products. Today the Duracell Bunny is one of the most widely recognized brand icons in the world, demonstrating why Duracell gives you the winning edge.

More Information
Brand Duracell
EAN/UPC 5000394037533
OEM References N/A
Product Code AAxbW6u9Rf59DGvkvkAvQg5dB3ZZ
Product Number: 79703
Quantity Included: 1 - Sold Individually
Info: Plug-in rechargeable battery charger
Info: Includes 2x 1300Mah AA batteries
Info: Suitable for charging both AA and AAA batteries
Info: Utilises over-temperature protection as well as an auto off feature

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