100ml 3-In-One Fast Acting Multi Purpose Drip Oil Trade Metal Engine

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Solving problems and making people smile since 1894, 3-In-One continues to blossom being famous for how long they have been around. Interlinked with WD-40, the company continues to grow producing the best products with best delivery systems around.

With a variety of Multi-Purpose products in the catalogue they have a solution for all situations.

We are now able to offer a variety of 3-In-One products to suit the average DIY newbie, to the professional workmen.

More Information
Brand 3-In-One
EAN/UPC 5012594440037
OEM References 44003
Product Code AAVyNEEQc6NExJc6DGB3B3R6R6VyZZ
Product Number: 6641
Quantity Included: 100ml Drip
Information: Has a fast acting formula which quickly frees rusted or seized fittings saving time, and expense
Information: It's an essential toolbox item for any trade professional working with metal fittings and components, pipework or engines

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