ZeroIn Total Insect Killer 300ml Spray

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British made products targeting household pests such as flies and ants with proven pest control solutions including insect sprays, powders and baits.

Zero In also includes an extensive range of clothes moth killers that will protect your valuable woollens from damage. The range is fragrance-free and non-staining, with treatments for long-lasting storage protection, as well as for moth-proofing.

And if you ever get that itchy feeling, STV has an effective, floral-fragrance bed bug treatment under the Zero In brand for treatment of furniture and mattresses.

More Information
Brand ZeroIn
EAN/UPC 5036200349057
OEM References N/A
Product Code AA67DGu9xJEQc667DGu9p8R6QgZZ
Product Number: 258389
Quantity Included: 300ml
Info: Flying and crawling insect control
Info: Kills most flying and crawling insects on contact
Info: Fast acting killer that instantly stops insects
Info: Active ingredient is Permethrin Tetramethrin
Info: 300ml

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