Envirological Glass Cleaner Refill Flask Spray Bottle

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The company manufactures an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products. In addition to chemical products under the Cleenol brand name, Cleenol manufactures for some of its customers under their own brand names and can also formulate products for specific requirements.

Cleenol also sells a range of ancillary products such as toilet tissue, disposable paper products, cloths, dusters, wipes, brushes, brooms, refuse sacks, etc. to enable the company to meet as many of its customers' cleaning requirements as possible.

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Brand Envirological
EAN/UPC 5016929212801
OEM References N/A
Product Code AADGc6V3EQu9xJvkxJ5PEQ59RfvkR6Qgwz5dR6CSZZ
Product Number: 79766
Quantity Included: 1 - Sold Individually
Info: Environmentally friendly glass cleaner refill spray bottle

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