2x Osram Night Breaker Unlimited 60w HB3 (9005) 12v Bulbs

2x Osram Night Breaker Unlimited 60w HB3 (9005) 12v Bulbs

2x Osram Night Breaker Unlimited 60w HB3 (9005) 12v Bulbs

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The Osram Night Breaker Unlimited sets new standards in terms of performance.

These bulbs offer up to 110% more brightness, a cone of light up to 40M longer and 20% whiter light when compared to standard halogen bulbs making these the perfect partner for safe and fatigue free driving.

These improved features give Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs improved visibility and significantly better response times.

Bulb key points:-

  • Up to 110% more light on the road for fatigue free comfortable driving
  • A light cone up to 40M longer for better visibility and significantly longer response times
  • Up to 20% whiter light via partial cobalt coating of the glass body
  • Better generation of light thanks to optimized noble filler gas formula
  • Higher resistance due to robust filament design
  • Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver dome
  • The most powerful OSRAM halogen automotive lamp

Important: Please note - If the bulb your looking at contains a fitment in the title, then there will be a variant available. Please check all the details provided carefully, and the original bulbs fit, as there will be different types of bulbs that fit your vehicle.

More Information
Brand Osram
EAN/UPC 4052899030756
OEM References Osram: 9005NBU-HCB
Product Code AAxJAvu9Rf4wp8R6R6Qgc6cNW6NE6K59cNZZ
Product Number: 398171
Quantity Included: 2 Bulbs
Fitment: HB3 (9005)
Range: Night Breaker Unlimited
Colour: White
Wattage: 60w
Voltage: 12v
Legality: Legal for use in the UK & Europe
What We Love: Up to 110% more light on the road compared to standard halogen lights

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