2x ACP 55w Tint HB3 (9005) 12v Bulbs

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When it comes to driving at night, visibility is can be poor, and therefore you need a good reliable set of headlight bulbs.

Our Xenon 55w Tint High Beam bulbs have a very faint filter on the bulb to allow the them to shine whiter then the standard halogen bulb.

The Xenon gas allows the bulbs to burn considerably brighter than a normal halogen gas filled bulb yet consume the same power, so no wiring/fuse changes are required.

More Information
Brand ACP
OEM References N/A
Product Code AARf59kdQgQgz8MHEQc6MH6KcNVyZxZZ
Product Number: 258818
Quantity Included: 2 Bulbs
Fitment: HB3 (9005)
Range: Tint
Colour: White
Wattage: 55w
Voltage: 12v
Legality: Legal for use in the UK & Europe
What We Love: Improved colour temperature over standard whilst maintaining an excellent light output

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