2x ACP 55w Ice Blue H3 (453) 12v Bulbs

2x ACP 55w Ice Blue H3 (453) 12v Bulbs

2x ACP 55w Ice Blue H3 (453) 12v Bulbs

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Our Xenon ICE Blue Bulb range give a superb daylight white light effect, designed to give your car that 6500k HID look without submitting to the premium pricing with most other bulbs.

The Blue Filter reduces the yellow light emitted from the headlights to produce up to 50% more usable light on the road.

The Xenon gas allows the bulbs to burn considerably brighter than a normal halogen gas filled bulb yet consume the same power, so no wiring/fuse changes are required.

Please refer to your vehicle handbook to confirm the suitability of the bulbs you are looking at.

More Information
Brand ACP
OEM References N/A
Product Code AARf59kdQgQgz8EQ59DG6KVyZxZZ
Product Number: 258758
Quantity Included: 2 Bulbs
Fitment: H3 (453)
Range: ICE Blue
Colour: White with a hint of blue
Wattage: 55w
Voltage: 12v
Legality: Legal for use in the UK & Europe
What We Love: Brilliant ICE white light, designed for the style conscious driver

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