1x Osram Ultra Life 55w H1 (448) 12v

1x Osram Ultra Life 55w H1 (448) 12v

1x Osram Ultra Life 55w H1 (448) 12v

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Heres a scenario some of you may have experienced before. Youre driving along in the middle of the night when one of your headlight bulbs suddenly fails. A replacement bulb needs to be found and fit as soon as possible because driving with only one headlight is a big safety risk. People who do a lot of night time driving will be well aware of this situation. If your low beams are used for safety during the day then they will be in constant use and because of this these headlights fail more than usual.

Owners of vehicles with headlight bulbs that are hard to access will save themselves time and money with these Osram Ultra Life bulbs and the environment will also benefits as fewer replacements means less waste.

Bulb key points:-

  • Lasts up to three times longer than a conventional automotive lamp
  • Unique reliability
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Approved for use throughout Europe
  • 100% Genuine Osram quality

Important: Please note - If the bulb your looking at contains a fitment in the title, then there will be a variant available. Please check all the details provided carefully, and the original bulbs fit, as there will be different types of bulbs that fit your vehicle.

More Information
Brand Osram
EAN/UPC 4008321416100
OEM References Osram: 64150ULT-01B
Product Code AAxJAvu9Rf4wV4B35dQgR6W6vkMHNER65dcNZZ
Product Number: 398279
Quantity Included: 1 Bulb
Fitment: H1 (448)
Range: Ultra Life
Colour: Clear / Standard
Wattage: 55w
Voltage: 12v
Legality: Legal for use in the UK & Europe
What We Love: Up to triple the lifetime when compared to standard halogen lights

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